Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Review: ELF mineral infused face primer

Hey lovelies hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!!

I purchased the ELF face primer about a month ago and thought I'd share some thoughts with you.  To be honest I'd never really used a face prmer before so I don't have anything to compare it to. I ordered it from and it cost £6 for 14g.

Firstly the packaging. I think the packaging is very nice. It's in a white tube with a clear plastic outer package and it comes with a pump. I like this simple packaging. I think it looks very clean.

The product itself is a clear gel. It has a smell to it that I don't know how to describe. It's kind of plastic-y. I don't think the smell is completely unbearable but not something I enjoy rubbing on my face. Once it's dried in however, I can't smell anything.

The primer itself rubs in very quicky and leaves your face feeling beautifully soft and smooth. It leaves a bit of a greasy residue for a few minutes until it's soaked in so I wouldn't recommend putting your foundation on straight away - I'd leave it a minute or two to absorb.

I noticed that my make up did go on a bit smoother and even but if I am completely honest, I did not notice my make up lasting any longer than ususal. As I said I have not used any other primers so I don't know if I was expecting too much or if this product is falling a bit flat. Can any of you readers enlighten me? Have you tried this? Or can you recommend a wonder primer? Hope so...

Love Debs xxx


  1. Heyy, I tagged you on my blog :)

  2. I'd like to try this - I have used a Smashbox one before which cost £30 - it was really good but sooo expensive! I tried a Becca primer for a while too, but the scent was quite coconut-y which I didn't like. xxx

  3. Does it contain silicone?
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  4. Hi Alicia. I am now following!

    Yes It contains Silica??? I like the product but don't feel its a miracle worker!


  5. Do you feel it improves your foundation routine at all?

    I'm a new follower ... from Canada! :).

    Great blog, super cute...very informative!!!

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    *Can't wait to see what next you have in store*


  6. Hello Deborah,

    Thanks for following my blog. I've followed you back. I don't have this *yet* but I'm not liking the container. I had an eye gel like that and it was so hard to take out the last bits! Do you think this can control the oilies?

  7. Hey girls thanks for the comments :)
    I am not sure still how I feel about this primer. As I said I haven't tried any others to compare. I really do feel it makes my skin much more smoother for applying make up but not entirely sure it makes it last. As for the "oilies" I am going to try out No7 Shine free makeup base which I've heard good things about. So I will let you guys know!!!

    Love, Debs xxx


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