Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Mini Boots Haul

Hey my pretties ♥

I did a quick trip to Boots on Saturday afternoon after a lovely pub lunch with my friendlings :)
I didn't get anything too exciting to be honest with you but I thought I'd share anyways.

I was desperately in need of some new Mascara. Now I dont know if I've mentioned before but I have pretty long lashes so to be honest with you I'm not particularly fussy about my mascara. I like one that has a good sized wand and that doesn't clump. That's all I ask. I picked up one from the 17 collection and it's called Maximum Volume. Now I can't remember exactly but it was priced between £4 and £5 and I'm extremely impressed. It does not clump at all and the wand is a very good size. Woo go me!!

Now the eagle eye that I am then noticed the current promotion that if you spend £6 or more on 17 products you got a free gift. So I chose a lipstick from the Mirror Shine range and I got it in the colour Peace. Very good colour and very moisturising. The colour doesn't last a really long time but for the time it does last it looks great. I couldn't take a swatch of this as my camera was playing up and it wasn't picking up with or without the flash. Good old Google.

                                            image courtesy of google images

I also picked up a nail polish from the Natural Collection in the colour Antique Coral. I love the colour but extremely disappointed with the formulation. It's very watery and thin and that's a pet hate. I put it on one toe and it all ran and gathered right in my nail bed - so straight back off!!! Bad times!!!

Have any of you guys experienced the same problems with this nail polish. It was a little cheapo so I'm not too annoyed but I looooved that colour. Any good dupes??

Night night guys xxx


  1. That lipstick looks gorgeous, cute blog! I got a nice coral nail varnish from Revlon you should have a looksy at theirs.. or Rimmel polishes/No.17 are always really good! I'm a new follower maybe you can check out my blog too? :) xxx Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa. thanks. :) I'm now following you too xxx


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