Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Collective NOTW

I never have a true NOTW as I very rarely wear the same polish for a week. But at the same time, it would be untrue to post a NOTD as I wear it for more than a day, providing there's no major chippage! So, I surmised I would post a series of finger fashion, showing what I wore on my nails over the course of a week.

This week I have been mostly wearing...

This is Rimmel's Grey Matter with a top coat of China Glaze's Fairy Dust, which I only recently bought. I love how pretty this makes my polish and it's very very sparkly. The only downside is that it takes elbow grease to remove the glitter polish. Worth it though!!

I jumped on the yellow nails bandwagon and purchased Collection 2000's Hot Looks in Lemon Soda, Apologies for the awful glare on the bottle but the colour on my nail is true to life. I'm still undecided about yellow nails. I think they would look great with a tan, but I just felt like I had custard fingers. Maybe one to try again...

Last, but not least, and quite possibly my favourite is Barry M's Berry Ice Cream. I only bought this on Monday and I am definitely in love. It's a gorgeous pastel lilac. It took two coats to appear opaque and it applied like a dream. I only wish it was scented and actually smelled like berry ice cream...yum!

What are your summertime fingertip favourites??


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  1. these are all so pretty, i love the look of Lemon Sugar


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