Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Not Just For Babies

Could it be that a 'Wonder Product' has been staring us in the face for so long that we haven't even noticed?

Ladies, I'm talking about Johnson's Baby Lotion.

'What!?!?' I hear you cry...

When I run out of a product I tend to turn to this, and it really is a jack of all trades.

I have used this product to moisturise my face. If I don't have my usual moisturiser to hand this works great. It smells really nice and we know it's gentle (that's where the baby bit comes in). Okay, it leaves me slightly shiny, but if used at bed time this is no problem at all. Your bed doesn't judge.
Not only my face, I've used this as a body lotion, hand cream and foot cream. It's great to soak into your toes, put some socks on and let the magic happen. It leaves your feet soft and smelling lovely.

Also, I have used this product as a make up remover. A little squirt on the back of some cotton wool or a cloth, and this removes every last trace. Even mascara, I kid you not. It does a kinda 2 in 1 job, cleans and moisturises as the same time. Who can ask for more than that.

It's something that we all have lying around the house somewhere. I wonder if any of you use this products for it's universal uses??



  1. I love Johnsons Baby lotion, never lets you down, and smells so lovely xxx

  2. Thanks for this post, I may invest in some now :)
    I have an award over at my blog for you :) xxx


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