Saturday, 11 June 2011

Veet Suprem Essence

I've always been a boring shaver. Have dabbled with waxes and creams in the past, but always returned to my trusty Gillette Venus razor. I think it's the quickest, and most painless hair removal method, the only downside I can think of is the trauma it causes my skin. I don't suffer too badly with ingrown hairs, however my legs feel pretty dry after shaving and I have to slather on the moisturiser in order to disguise the feeling.

So it was with much intruigue I purchased the Veet Suprem Essence In-Shower hair removal cream.

As you can see you get a 135ml tube of the hair removal cream and a little double sided sponge. It isn't too clear here but the top side of the sponge is white and much rougher than the pink underside. I used the pink side to spread the cream on to the desired location oh hair removal (for me it was legs) left for a minute and got in the shower. I didn't really want to get it wet, but it said to leave it on for only 4-6 minutes so I just decided to stand beside the stream of water and wait.......................................!

6 mins later I took the sponge and began using the rough pink side and the shower hose to rinse my legs clear of the cream, which by the way, did smell pretty nice, especially to begin with, but then I got whiffs of that not so lovely hair removing cream smell, which I guess you get with them all so it was to be expected. Once I'd removed all the cream from my legs, they did feel very smooth. They were however pretty red, I don't know if that was just the cream or a combination of the cream and buffing it off with a rough shower. However, there was no burnt or cracked skin, like I've heard with other hair removing cream horror stories. My legs felt tingly, but in a good way.

Overall, I was really impressed with the product and my silky smooth legs, but I do just find the whole process a bit of a faff. That's why I like shaving. In, out, bang, done! I 'll defo use the rest of this up, I reckon I'll get another 2 uses out of the tube. Whether I'll repurchase depends on the next time it's on offer (hehe).

What's your opinion on hair removal creams? And what are your favourite hair removal methods?



  1. I like using the in-shower hair removal cream but I don't use them in the shower, I find they work better than the 'out of shower' ones x

  2. Ive not tried hair removal creams since i was about 18 a long time ago lol, i wonder if they are a lot better nowdays? Back then my hair would just frazzle up and id be left all bitty its put me off all these years x

  3. I was the same, when I tried them before but didn't really like them. Never felt like they actually worked. But this really did remove all the hair. And karla, I prefer not to get it wet whilst I'm waiting either as it just runs off! X


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