Friday, 17 June 2011

Dzien Dobry (That's hello FYI)

Sorry no post for almost a week, I've not long returned from a little break in Krakow, Poland. It was my first time visiting Poland, and it was actually my gift to my boyfriend for his 30th Birthday. I was unsure what to expect as I hadn't heard much about the place, and there is a belief that it is always cold there - which it isn't.

We arrived on Sunday to 25 degree heat at 11am. Beautiful. After freshening up we got the tram from our hotel to the city centre. The first amazing sight we saw in Krakow is Wavel Castle.

We also did a guided tour of Auschwitz which was one of the saddest days, but the day I learnt the most. IT really does sicken me to think about what happened, and seeing it all on that day was very overwhelming, but if you visit this part of the world, it's definitely something you should experience.

On the last day we did a city tour, which was really interesting. It was a long day however, 6 and a half hours walking so I was knackered at the end, but worth it. We went round some beautiful and very significant buildings, churches and synagogues.

Every hour there is a man who stands at the top of this church tower and plays the bugle out to the people on the street below and it is very lovely.
Here are a few other pictures from our time away...

Excitingly, I also got to make my first EVER trip to Sephora!! I'll post my loot very soon!!

Have any of you guys been to Krakow? What do you think?


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