Sunday, 26 June 2011

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

Until recently, I had been new to any Witch skincare products, with exception of the Witch anti blemish stick which I'd used as a spotty teen. I just always related the products to acne prone skin, which I do not have, so never really bothered with it, although I have tried a few make up products....That is until now.

I picked up this face wash a few weeks ago and I am pretty impressed.

As it is exfoliating, it contains small micro-granules to make sure it cleans deep into pores and scrubs away and dead skin cells. It does not feel over abrasive or rough on the skin at all. It also contains Witch Hazel to thoroughly cleanse and Vitamin E to make sure skin remains soft and moisturised.

I use this product with my Botanics Face Brush (reviewed here) and I am super happy with it's results. My skin feels clean, soft and smooth, and not tight at all. I would definitely be happy to repurchase this and am keen to try out some other Witch products.

What do you guys think about Witch products?


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