Monday, 6 June 2011

Mini Sally's Haul

Happy Monday :)

Last week I was in Sally's and I picked up a couple of things I thought you might like to see.

The 1st thing is a Cina white nail art pen. I've been after one for a while as I'm really getting in to making my nails very pretty. I have tried it out a few times, mostly just messing about. I am left handed so my right hand always looks pretty but my left hand just looks awful. Can someone let me know how you manage to do your 'other' hand without it looking like you've let a 3 year old loose with it. I will keep practicing though...

The 2nd thing I got was a China Glaze polish in Fairy Dust and OH MY GOD I adore it. This is my first CG polish - and it will not be my last. I just love the way the sparkles shine in the light, there are so many colours of glitter in there. I tried to take some pics of it catching the light, and this was my best effort...


I'm sure this will be featured in many NOTW posts. I think it's my current obsession.

Have any you guys tried Fairy Dust? What are your China Glaze recommendations? And please let me know how you use your nail art pens.


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  1. Great haul. The nail polish looks adorable :)


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