Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Clothes Haul - Primark, H&M and Next

So over the weekend I did a spot of shopping. I needed a few bits and pieces that I could wear day to day and also to take on my trip to Krakow, which is less than a fortnight away. So here's my loot...

First off, I got these 2 pairs of shoes. I'd wanted a pair of black brogues for a while now so I picked these ones up in Primark for £8. And these gorgeous gold sandals were only £4.

I also picked up this dress from Primark for only £10. I love the nude colour and I think it will look great for night on holiday.

I got this grey blazer (which for some reason was not focusing great in the 1st pic). I love it because it's really light so great for chilly summers nights and I also adore the cute heart print on the cuffs. I think it looks great over the dress.

Lastly from Primark, I got these earrings. Nope, I don't think 7 pairs of earrings are excessive at all. :) The 5 pack of pearls were only £1 and the flowers were £1.50 for the pair. Steal!

I then headed over to H&M where I got 2 dresses.

It's a little cotton dress that comes to mid thigh. I think it's really cute and I got it to go over leggings, but it would be a great cover up for the pool or beach. I got it in navy as well, and here's a close up of the print...

The last item I got was from Next and it's a really gorgeous floral top/dress - however you'd choose to wear it.

I just adore the mix of bright, summery colours and I think it would look fab with a tan...So come on sunshine, where are you hiding???



  1. Great buys - I love the Next floral dress and the brogues. x

  2. love the shoes and earrings!!!
    im you new follower i hope you'll follow me back :)

  3. I love the floral next top! x


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