Monday, 17 January 2011

Weight Loss Diary - Week 2

Good Evening

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I was working, and had a poorly boyfriend so the weekend came and go in the blink of an eye!

My week diet wise was up and down. I tried to follow my plan as best as possible, except my work had a "team lunch" on Wednesday and we went to our local Chinese restaurant (aaah all you can eat buffet!) I did control myself though and had only two small plates and NO fried rice.
But in true diet failure style, I had a domino's pizza takeaway on Saturday night so I full well expected to have gained when I stepped on the scales.

As for exercise, I only attended one hour long spinning class. I had a dentist appointment on Thursday night so I couldn't go to the second one, although I would much rather have been spinning than getting a filling!!!

So this morning, I got on the scales to discover I had stayed the exact same as last week. I am quite happy with this, of course I would love to have lost, but with my rather bad week I can't really complain.

Back on it all saddles blazing this week...wish me luck!



  1. Unfortunately there's always weeks when you don't lose much, or anything at all, but the main thing is to just keep going :) Good luck hun!!

    Jo, xoxo

  2. Have you tried the look better naked plan? The books is awesome! Even though the title is a little bit embarrassing, the plan it's realistic and not hard to follow (:


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