Monday, 10 January 2011

Weight Loss Diary - Week 1

Afternoon Ladies

I mentioned last week that I was beginning a new diet and fitness regime and decided I would blog about my results.

I've been feeling uncomfortable with my body for a while now, and knew that I needed to do something about it. I'd try for a few weeks then give up. I think my problem with my weight lies around my portion sizes and my control. I do eat a very varied diet, and certainly lots of veg and fruit, but also LOTS of rubbish too. It's mainly bad habits that have gotten me to the place I am today and now I feel ready to do something about it. And hopefully, stick to it.

To be honest, I've found this week easier than I thought it would be. I've made a few important changes to my diet, starting with breakfast. Instead of two slices of buttery toast, I've been having porridge. A sachet of the Quakers Oat so Simple. It really is simple, two minutes in the microwave and it's ready. Plus they have a great range of flavours so it never gets boring.
Second change is lunch. I must admit I've been quite lazy in the past when it comes to lunches. I'd gotten to know my work's canteen too well and macaroni cheese, lasagne, pasties and chips were all too easy. I've found this week preparation is the key. Buying in what I will need for the week and making sure I take time to prepare. I have been taking a tub of salad everyday and mixing it with lots of different things to keep it interesting. Tuna, chicken, ham, pasta....I never imagined how filling it would be, and tasty. I have also been taking plenty fruit to work to stop me snacking on sweets. Also, I have still been having a packet of crisps at lunchtime, but making sure they're low calorie such as Squares or French Fries.

Finally, dinner is just whatever my mama bear prepares! I've found these changes quite easy to stick to and I know that as the weeks go on I'll need to make more tweaks to it to accommodate the weight loss but I'll deal with that as it comes.

As for exercise, this week I've been to two hour long spinning classes. The boy has come with me as he is also trying to get fit so it's been nice that we can do it together. These classes absolutely kill but I'm sure they are working and I can definitely feel the "burn".

So down to the important bit. At the end of week ONE I have successfully managed to lose

I'm over the moon at this and seeing how a few simple changes have made such a difference I feel completely motivated to keep it up!

Have you guys been trying to lose weight/shape up this year?



  1. well done on your fab first week result! Our work canteen is just as bad - they count baked beans as a veg portion! :-/


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