Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I Got Naked!!!

No, not literally.

The Naked Palette to be precise.


After looking at it lovingly for ages, I finally got it for Christmas from my lovely Brother & Sister-in-law! Thanks guys!
I won't do a long post swatching every colour 'cause you've probably seen them all a million gazillion times. I just want to point out my two faves.

Sidecar and Smog are my two favourite shadows from the palette and have been making an appearance together on my eyelids almost everyday since Christmas, but the other colours are so deliciously beautiful also, it really does make choosing my eye make up a difficult decision. HELLO having to get up ten minutes earlier!! Hehe.



  1. I got it for Christmas too...it's every bit as gorgeous as I expected!

  2. Awww good times!

    Such a good palette if you don't have many neutral or smokey colours in your collection (i.e. like i didn't). I recommend it to people all the time!

    I actually drove an hour out of my way to get mine which seems a bit sad now, but to be fair i've used it almost everyday for about 4 months so it was defo worth it :)

  3. I love this palette, got it for someone else for Christmas and ending up keeping it myself. I have no shame about doing it either. its gorgeous..x ENJOY!


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