Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NOTW + Help!

Hi Girls

This is my first NOTW post. I've finally kicked my filthy nail biting habit (only recently mind you) and so this is the first time I've actually wanted to share my nails with you lot. My nails are still short and by no means perfect but thought I'd share this anyways.

Two coats of Barry M 293 Grey.

Now that I'm getting more into nail care and design, I really want to venture into some nail art. But I have no idea where to start. Can you guys offer any advice/tips for simple but pretty nail art for a beginner with a shaky hand like me?



  1. you can start with a little glitter over the nailpolish on one finger.
    looks really pretty ;)

  2. How about dots with a dotting tool? Looks really pretty and very simple to do! I got my dotting tool in a nail art brush set from ebay for about £1/2.

  3. Something like this?

  4. Ah Louise that looks really pretty, and quite simple too. Will check out the tools xx

  5. I am horrible with nails but the konad plates and stampers look amazing. i love that colour you have on now.

  6. I'm using Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen which are very affordable and easy to use. If you have a shaky hand, I would recommend to use a glittery nail polish before doing nail art, because the texture of the glitters will make it easier to control your hands. Hope it helps!

  7. Thanks for the suggestions girls :) xx

  8. hello :) ive wanted this shade for so long but its always sold out :| so annoying anyways what about nail wraps? Minx do some nice ones :) x


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