Saturday, 15 January 2011

EOS Lipbalm

Hello Lovelies

So this week I ordered myself an EOS lipbalm from Amazon. I don't know if it retails in any UK stores but you can get it online. I opted for the Summer Fruits flavour and so far I'm really impressed.

For those of you who haven't seen this before, it's an egg shaped lip balm with a screw off lid. It makes for a non messy application and it's also a cute, unique design.

It has a really strong fruity scent, which I really like!

I've also found it to be pretty moisturising. This is a really nice everyday lip balm.

Have you guys tried EOS?



  1. I so want to try one of these. They look great! Are they really popular in America?
    Zoe x
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  2. these are so cute, have been meaning to get one for ages but didn't realise Amazon sold them. One-click ordering = no more excuses! :)

  3. That's great you think it moisturize well, as I've read on lots of blogs it doesn't. Sadly, this isn't available where I live )=

  4. I've never tried EOS lip balm yet. Hoping to come across it on Ebay.

  5. @ Zoe - Yes I believe they are popular in the US!

    @ Gaby - They are pretty decent. I wouldn't say they'd work miracles on really dry lips but it is a nice everyday lipbalm


  6. I love my eos lipbalm. Its so moisturizing!


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