Thursday, 15 September 2011

I've Got A Lovely Tub Of Coconuts...

I picked up a tub of the Superdrug Coconut Oil a while ago, having never heard of it before. It claimed to help skin, scalp and damaged hair, and it cost about £2 I believe (just went to double check on website but couldn't find it - I bought this instore about 2 months ago) so I decided to give it a go.

It comes in a round tub like this and contains 125ml of product. The packaging is nothing special I have to say, pretty plain.

It was really hard to photograph the product, but basically it comes in solid form, but melts into it's oil form with the heat of your hands. It's quite easy to grab some on your fingertips. The scent is beautiful. Obviously, if you're not a fan of coconut then give it a miss, but I love it.

The way I use this product most is as a moisturiser. I take a small bit on my fingers and massage it into any dry areas. It's great for elbows and knees. As it's an oil it can be slighty greasy if you use too much, this is why I tend to stick to any problem areas.

I have also used this as a scalp treatment. I occasionally suffer from a dry scalp and I found this does really help. I took quite a large amount, let it melt in my hands and worked it in all over my scalp. Now this leaves you looking pretty gross. I left this on for about an hour, but the directions state you can leave this on all night if desired. I had to rinse my hair a few times to get this out, bearing in mind when it cools down a bit it does sort of return to a solid consistency (trust me it's not attractive - one for when you're on your own). I found my scalp to be no where near as dry and obviously it left my hair smelling gorgeous.

The third way this can be used is as a leave in conditioner. I have not used it this way as my hair gets oily quickly anyways and I don't require any additional greasyness.

Overall, for the price I really recommend this product as an intensive moisturiser for body and scalp. It is amazing for the price and it's long lasting scent is a winner for me.

Have you guys tried this?


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