Monday, 14 February 2011

Weight Loss Diary - Week 6

Good Morning!

Can't believe it's Monday already, this weekend has flown by...

I was completely in the dark about how I felt my weight loss would go this week. I only attended one gym class this week which was an hour of spinning. I felt so guilty not doing more, but you know how you just have one of those weeks where you cannot be bothered. Well I had one of those...

As for diet, I did not too bad I suppose. I ate quite well throughout the week, soup and weight watchers bread for lunches, along with yoghurt and apples, BUT I did go out for an Indian meal with my other half on Saturday night so I did wonder if this would let me down. I chose a non creamy dish (Chicken Jaipuri if you're interested) and plain boiled rice, but I did enjoy some garlic and cheese nan bread (tut tut). However as it was a Valentines treat, I am not going to chastise myself for it and decided I'd deal with it when I stepped on the scales.

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So the moment of truth arrived this morning, and I nervously climbed aboard the scales. No change... stayed the same as last week. Okay, not great but at least I never went up. Today I feel really motivated and I definitely plan to try my absolute hardest this week. I have one night out planned where alcohol will be consumed, so vodka and diet coke it is....and stay away from the buffet!!!

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  1. keep going at it hun ... your doing fab!! i started at WW this week and looking forward to giving the new points a try



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