Friday, 25 February 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

If you remember just after Christmas I did a little post to tell you all how much of a sheep I'd been and purchased a bottle of the much acclaimed Cleanse & Polish.

Well after giving it a go for over a month, I thought I'd let you know how I found it.

To let you know, my skincare routine had always been simple, and perhaps would be frowned upon by some of you skincare junkies. I used a face wipe to remove my make up, and then moisturised...and that was it. So at first, it was difficult to adjust to having a few more steps in my routine. I soon got used to it and I was loving my new regime.

Firstly, I love the thick consistency of the cleanser. I like how it really sticks to your skin and doesn't just disappear when you apply it to your face, and it has a gorgeous fresh, but mild scent. Secondly, I completely adore the muslin cloth and removing the cleanser. I just love the thought of really 'polishing' my face with the warm cloth. It it really delicate, it gently exfoliates my skin whilst leaving it smooth and feeling deeply cleansed. There really is no nicer feeling to have on your face.

I can certainly see why this cleanser is so celebrated and I shall definitely be repurchasing once it's finished.



  1. great review :) I am definately purchasing this when i see a good offer on qvc :) x

  2. Great review :) I think I might pick this up x

  3. this could be really cool. seems like it works well so i'm glad you like it, are using it and would recommend it.

    thought you'd be interested in my 100-piece elf makeup palette, black crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway.

  4. definitely going to try this, thanks for the review!


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