Wednesday, 2 February 2011

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

What's not to love about Winter? Cold fingers & toes, snow, puddles, bad hair, dry skin and chapped lips...hmm let me think.

I was suffering badly with chapped lips this winter so I was very happy to get Lush Lip Scrub in one of my Christmas gift sets.

Just the idea of this makes me lick my lips in anticipation. Bubblegum flavoured sugar for your lips..& you can eat it! Yum.

I wet my lips a little, put a small amount on my finger and rub it gently across them to scrub away any dry bits. Then once your done you can lick off the extra. I find this really does help with dry, flaky lips, but then again you can get the same effect with any kind of lip scrub, or just my using any old sugar you have lying around the house.

I definitely think the selling point of this point product is the yummy flavour. I really want to try the mint one too.

What do you guys think of Lush Lip Scrub?



  1. I;ve seen so many good reviews about this product...I amy have to invest!
    Thanks for the review.
    Zoe x
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  2. Haha I feel the same too, it's an average lip scrub but they smell so good! I'm always hesitant to lick them off cuz I'm afraid there's some dead skin mixed in there.. LOL. But I have the Sweet Lips one and I love it <3

  3. It really is just a sugar scrub, but I love it - have the Sweet Lips scrub :)

  4. It tastes gorgeous in bubblegum.xo

  5. You should definitely try Mint Julips - tastes of After Eights! :)

  6. How much did this cost? It sounds and looks amazing x

  7. Hi Joanne. I'm not entirely sure how much this costs as I got it in a Lush christmas gift set as a present, but I think it only costs a few pounds. I just tried to check on the lush website but its still down! xx


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