Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nailene Nails It

I've been naughty. I bit my nails. I was doing so good and my nails were just starting to look pretty, then I started my new job, got stressed and bit them off. Eeek.

I hate having grubby looking nails, so I needed a quick fix, pronto.

I popped into my local Semi-Chem about a month back (I am unsure if this is just a Scottish store? You can let me know) Anyways it's a cheap chemist store, kind of like bodycare and I saw these fasle nails.

Nailene 200 full cover nails in active square.

I couldn't believe this pack of 200 nails was only £6.99. I decided to pick these up and give them a go.

The nails come in 10 different sizes, 20 of each, so there is a good selection depending on your nail size. I actually have pretty small nails, and the smallest one fits my pinky nail perfectly.
They are clear, they have no french tip or colour to them, so you will have to paint them, or manicure them yourself. This is not a problem for me. I'm really bad at french manicure and I prefer to paint my nails with a colour.

As you can see the nails, once applied, are quite long, but not crazy length. I prefer to cut them down and make them quite short. I wear contact lenses quite a lot and really struggle with long nails when it comes to taking them out. I wonder if any other long nailed lens users can share their secret?

This is the length I usually cut them down to.

I like this because they look girlie and groomed but natural. I have worn them longer in the past and hate not being able to open cans and fasten my jeans. Not practical.

As for staying power, I've gotten about a weeks wear out of them each time before nails start to ping off. I really recommend the glue that comes with these, it's really strong and long lasting.

You can also buy this on it's own from stores like Boots or Superdrug.

I would definately recommend these nails. I look at it in the way that if each set of nails lasts around a week, and I am using ten nails a week, I can get ten weeks worth of use out of one £6.99 box. That's a real bargain in my eyes. (I know there are 200 nails in the box, but I only use the sizes that fit my own nails).

Have any of you guys tried these? What are your favourite false nails?



  1. these look really nice. I stupidly bit off all my nails too :( I wanted to get some of these to hide how groos they look, but I'm not allowed to wear them for college :( xx

  2. i am in love with nailene nails too! they are incredible!

  3. Loved your post :) I'm a lover of these nails as well and just posted my review on lulubuuty dot blogspot dot com :) please check it out :)


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