Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Want, I Want...

Good evening girlies.

Hope you've all had a lovely snowy weekend!!

Due to being stuck in because of the snow I have taken to online shopping and whilst perusing the web, I've come across these little beauties.

Nails Inc Crystallised Collection.

As well as the colours being gorgeous, who can resist a bit of bling? I adore these beautiful crystal encrusted bottle caps.

The set includes 3 polishes;
Saville Row - a beautiful deep plum
Caviar - A 45 second top coat
Elizabeth Street - a light, nude cream.

It also includes a vitamin E cuticle oil pen to moisturise and hydrate cuticles.

This set retails at £50, which is a little expensive for 3 nail polishes, but I definately think this would make a lovely gift for someone this Christmas.

What do you guys think of the bling??


[image lovingly borrowed from]


  1. Adorable packaging and wonderful colours! A bit expensive, though, as you say.
    Would be an amazing gift!

  2. Love the bling :) don't think I'd spend that on them mind, but wouldn't be upset if someone bought me as a present :) xxx

  3. Oh yeah very cute! Elizabeth Street is definately my fave out of the 3 and I agree it would make a lovely gift for the right person ^.^



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