Saturday, 18 December 2010

All I Want For Xmas Is Lush

Hello Gorgeous

I've been a terrible blogger this past week, so I must start with an apology! I've two excuses. The first is I have been rushed off my feet. With the snow, I hardly had any time to pick up the final bits and pieces for Christmas, so whilst it's gone I've been making the most of it. Secondly, for a time I had a horrible bug and just was not feeling up to it. But I'm here now! Yay I hear you call...!?

Anyways, on my travels I picked up some Lush. I think cold, winter nights are the perfect reason for a Lush bath, but then who needs an excuse??

Here's what I got...

Twilight Bath Ballistic
Lil Lush Pudding Bath Ballistic
Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

I actually bought two Twilights but used one as soon as I got in from my long day shopping. I think it's my new favourite and I don't want to use my other one in case I don't get to the shops soon. That's what my life has become. Hoarding my Lush products cos I don't want to run out!

I'm going to use half the gingerbread house tonight with a glass of wine and some candles. Oh I cannot wait.

Have you guys been having a Lush Christmas?



  1. I definitely have been. I just used one of my so white bath bombs. Loved the apple scent and also how long it fizzed for. What is the twilight bath bomb like?

  2. It's a lovely lavendar and malt bathbomb so perfect for bed and creates lovelt bluey/purple water. it kinda smells a bit like vanilla too xx

  3. The twilight ballistic it's just awesome! I love the colors (:


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