Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Hey everyone.
I know I am late on the bandwagon with this stuff but my local Superdrug has only JUST started stocking the MUA range. If you by any chance have not heard of MUA it's Superdrug's own make up brand where each item costs only £1!! YES ONE POUND!!

So I'd seen lots of blogs and YT vids on this and thought I'd try them out. Firstly I got 2 eyeshadows.

Shade 14 Left, shade 7 Right

And just be awkward it's back to front in this pic!! As you can see shade 7 is a lovely pearl green colour and 14 is a gorgeous slate gray colour. Both shadows are extremely pigmented and the colour is soo buildable. I used these two colours to create my FotN look in my previous post.
So as I was so impressed by these two products, I hot footed it back to Superdrug to pick up some more goodies!!

So, clockwise from top left we have shade 10, shade 20, shade 8 and eyeliner shade 4.

L-R shade 10, shade 8 and shade 20

Shade 10 is a dark navy, with a lovely shimmer. The swatch here actually does not do it justice. It's beautiful. Shade 8 WOW! An awesome bright aqua colour. It looks great on it's own and just as nice blended in with shade 10. And shade 20 is a deep, matte black. The colour is very strong and great for creating dramatic looks.
The eyeliner I mentioned above is dark grey with glitter. I couldn't get a great swatch of it. It's really pretty but soo sparkly. Perhaps not for everyday use.

I am completely in love with my eyeshadows. I will definately be purchasing more. A lot of the colours were sold out so it's clear how sought after they are. And at £1 a pop who wouldn't be after these babies!! One thing I do dislike is the product names. I'd much prefer if the shades had proper names rather that numbers. I think Superdrug could have been a bit more creative in that respect but it's not the be all and end all. They have many other products like lipsticks, blush, bronzer and powder, so I may sample some of them soon!! I am one very happy chappy :)

What do you guys think of MUA?

Oh and I just want to thank each and everyone of my followers I can't tell you how extatic and excited I am each time I get a new follower :)
Happy Tuesday!

Love, Debs xxx


  1. wish we had this over here! hopefully we'll get it soon..great post, i'm a new follower :)


  2. I can't wait to try these!


  3. Yeah the shadows especially are great value at £1!!

    thanks for following!!!



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