Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Can't Stop Buying ELF!!!

'Ello Luvvlies

I have a problem.

I can't stop buying from ELF!!!

So last week I got a few more little goodies. I just can't help myself it's just great value.

Firsly I got the Studio corrective concealer.

I honestly dunno how I feel about this product. In theory, it should be great. A green colour to conceal redness, a pink colour to conceal dark undereye bags and two skin tones to conceal anything else. But, I'm just not impressed. The consistency of the product is very hard. I mean, I had to dig the end of my brush in to budge the first lot. And it didn't gather well on my brush either. I tried using my fingers too which gave a little better effect but to be honest it's not something I find myself reaching for. It gives okay coverage but I definately wouldn't repurchase.

Next is the defining eye brush and the concealer brush.

I love the eye brush. It's really soft and fluffy and though it's marketed as defiining, I really enjoy using it as a blending brush. It's small enough to fit right into the corners and sweep right out through my crease to my brow bone! Thumbs up!
The concealer brush is essentially a good brush, I'd just prefer a little more of it. It's teeny tiny and for me, I prefer a bigger concealer brush.Can't grumble too much at £1.50 a pop!

Finally we have the Eyelid primer and the duo eyeshadow in berry mix.

I am totally a fan of the eyelid primer. I have not tried the Urban Decay primer potion so I cannot compare but I am definately noticing big improvements in my eyeshadows lastability (?...think I made that up??)

The duo eyeshadow is the 2nd of this range I have.

A closer look.

It's called berry mix but it's definately more of a chocolate brown with a slight burgandy hint. Not clear in the pic I know. The lighter colour is a pale frosty pink, almost white. I love this as a highlighter on my brow bone. The consistency of the eyeshadow is great too. Not finding a huge amount of fallout, which for me is a biggie!!

I'm already eyeing up my next trip to as I just love it. I have to admit, as I found with the corrective concealer, there are a few misses. But this has to be expected with every brand. I'd much rather pay £3.50 for a fail than £23.50!!!

Hope your all having a lovely week.

Love Debs


  1. I really want to try but the tiny price really puts me off. I am really scared the products will be poor quality. I might buy some eyeshadows though for tutorials etc. For 1.50 I cant go wrong can i?


  2. Ive never tried elf products before but have always been interested in how good they are. I have seen a lot of people talking about the quality of their eyeshadows and how good they are. I may have to try some.
    I can see how the concealer palette might not have been as great as it looks. I got one like that from N.Y.C cosmetics and while it looked promising the consistency was so hard and kind of dry and it was difficult getting it to really cover anything without looking chunky.

  3. I <3 Elf! ^^ but your concealer brush is rubbish.. I have 3 and none of them look like that! There's barely any bristles in it. Mine are all straight edged or has a smooth curve.

    Btw, how do you find the duo eyeshadow? I have butter pecan but it's quite hard to bring the colour out even when used wet.

  4. I love ELF too but I'm just learning that not all the products are amazing. But I wouldn't let me put you off buying them. The mineral lipsticks are great and I do love the eyeshadows. Isabel, I find the eyeshadows good but not really really pigmented, I think they work well for a light daytime look.
    Oh and that is disappointing about the concealer brush.

  5. The Elf primer has grown on me. I hated it at first, but I've stuck with it, and I'm growing to like it. Not as great as Urban Decay, but for £1.50, it holds it own! I totally agree with you about the concealer. It is totally rubbish! I hate it! I definitely won't be buying it again. There are so many other low cost concealer palettes that do a much better job! x


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