Friday, 22 July 2011

Now I'm Heels Over Head...

Shoes. A girl can never have too many...

I was in need of some new black court heels and whilst trawling around the Next website I came across these little beauties.

Very nice huh? They're beautiful black platforms and if you look closely you can see that they are snake print.

My favourite thing about these shoes?

When I ordered them, they were a reasonable £30. BUT when they arrived, my bill stated £15...the guys at Next were SO nice as to charge me sale price even though I ordered 3 days before the sale started. Thanksssss......



  1. Very nice indeedy! love heels but I'm useless at walking in them :(

  2. i love these! i can't believe they ended up being only £15!

    I gave you an award too, here's the link if you're interested;

    Alice x


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