Monday, 4 July 2011

I want a new room!!

I've recently been giving my mind a treat about how I'd like to decorate my room. As much as I'd love to, me and the boy are planning on moving out in the next year so there really is no point, so I suppose this is how my new room could look...

I saw this pretty dressing table on the Ikea website and thought it was a beauty. I love the simplicity of it.

I've always wanted a white iron bed, and this one, also from Ikea fits the bill blue bed linen though!!

I think I'd leave the walls blank apart from one feature wall, with something dramatic like this wallpaper from

I would love to add some pink, twinkly fairy lights like these I found on

I also fancy a white, thick pile rug like this one from

...And of course lots of shoes, clothes, bags and make up, just to make it lived know?

Wonder what my other half will make of his new bedroom...? haha...



  1. I love that wallpaper!! I'm thinking of doing my room but I live above a pub and I don't see myself being here any longer than a year so not much point!! love your blog hun xxxx

  2. I'm the same, no point in spending lots if your not planning on being there long!! thanks lovely x x


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