Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

Hey Ladies

Hope you are all having a lovely week.

I wanted to do a little post to show you my favourite Autumn/Winter polishes. Now these are the polishes that I personally have been wearing for the past month. It seems I am a little purple crazy at the moment but I love these polishes each in their own way.

 Rimmel Pro Lycra in 406 Purple Addict
No7 Stay Perfect in Milan
Maybelline Forever Strong in 05 Extreme Blackcurrent
Barbara Daly in Plum Pudding.

A plethora of purples.

I'll start with the Rimmel polish. I am a big fan of their nail polishes. I love the big applicator brushes and I love their wide variety of colours. This colour is truly gorgeous and also the brightest of the four. I like this polish because I can get about 3 to 4 days wear out of it before it is completely chipped.

Next, No7. This polish really does give you disco nails. I love how glittery it is, but not chunky glittery. It is very eye catching and I have to say this is my favourite of the bunch. Looks lovely on toes as well.

The Maybelline polish is the one I've had the longest and as these darker and colder months approach I always find myself reaching for it. It's really dark, almost black. And I like that. I like that you have to glance twice at it to check if it is actually black or not. One or two days before chipping occurs though, and on a colour this dark, it's not a good look.

Finally, Barbara Daly for Tesco. I was first attracted to this polish by the name. Plum Pudding. Yum. And then of course the colour. This was the first Barbara Daly polish I had tried and I am in love with the colour. The only downside is that it did chip after one day but it was a nice consistency to apply so I didn't mind touching up.

What colours are you guys adorning your pretty talons with this Winter?



  1. I recently posted one of my recent favourites by China Glaze from the Halloween set. I'm also loving darker colours for this season like dark burgundy/reds/greens.

  2. Love the Rimmel Purple Addict one, its a gorgeous colour. Think I'll have to try Rimmel polishes, my niece was saying they are really vibrant colours and last well too.
    I'm normally a pink girl what ever the season but think I'm going to start experimenting with some more colours xxx

  3. I love these plummy polishes. That Maybelline one is definitely my favourite.

  4. loving the polish colors! I am a new follower!


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