Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dear Santa...

Evening Ladies ♥

Having spent today in bed ill, I've had plenty chance to think about the items I shall be hoping to see in my Christmas stocking this year :)

Firstly I've had my eye on one of these watches since seeing it in Fleur De Force's birthday video.

Toy Watch in Black.

I think this is soo pretty. I like how it's cute but quite masculine. I like the bright colours as well but for me, black is going to be the best option.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

This is my favourite perfume EVER and my boyfriend has gotten  me a bottle of this every year since we've been together so fingers crossed he doesn't break tradition this year. A 50ml bottle has lasted me all year because I only like to wear this on special occasions when I am going out with my boy. Definately not for everyday wear. PLUS...I love the tv advert for this with Kiera Knightley... ♥

Urban Decay Naked Palette.

I'm a bit late on this bandwagon right? I don't know why but I never got round to getting this when it came out, and now with all these Christmas presents I will be buying, I guess it will just have to go on my list.

Suede and Leather Mix Handbag - River Island.

I really need a new everyday black bag, and I like 'em big. I spotted this one on the RI website and it fits my criteria beautifully...

Honestly, I've been a very good girl this year so I'm hoping to be on Santa's "Nice" list :)

What are you guys hoping to find in your stockings this year?


 [images courtesy of google images and riverisland.com]

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  1. great wishlist. I want nearly everything on there too. I am hoping to get the naked palette for my birthday. I am a bit behind the times haha.

    My black bag is like a suitcase.



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