Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yay It's Autumn

Evening Beauts ♥

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately as you know I was off to St Andrews at the weekend for a few nights and I've just had a terribly busy week! Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend!

Anyway, I believe I have mentioned this before, but I looove Autumn. It's a great season. I love wearing boots and coats and snuggly jumpers! I picked up a few items before my weekend away and thought I'd share them with you.

Grey pinafore dress - Primark

I love this dress. I wore it in St Andrews over tights and a black long sleeved top with black boots. It's quite thick so it's warm and I love the military style buttons on the front and on the faux pockets. And at £13, this is a complete steal!

Grey knitted dress - Next

I picked up this gorge winter woolie on a little trip to Next. They have some really beautiful pieces just now. The dress is made from lambswool and angora and is totally cosy. It also has a very pretty tiara brooch attached which I think adds a bit of girliness :) This is priced at £38.

Black Studded Boots & Printed Scarf - Primark

I always seem to get my little black ankle boots from Primark. They're great value for £15 and always seem to wear quite well. They're very versitile and go with almost anything. Plus, if they get ruined, who cares, just head back and pick up another!!
The pretty scarf is another of my Autumn staples. It looks great with almost anything and adds a bright yet cosy touch to any outfit!

Have you guys been sorting out your Autumn wardrobe?

Love Debs xxx


  1. I love autumn too, love the snuggly look! I love both those dresses, and what a bargain the Primark one is! xx

  2. I loved the boots! They're so fab (:

  3. Hey! Your blog is surprisingly well written! :) Love it!
    I'd really appreciate if you would follow me, I don't have many followers yet! And I'll follow you back!


  4. love that first dress- and the booties! xxx

  5. ooooh i love the boots!


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